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  • Call notice date 13.06.2022
  • Deadline for application submission 04.07.2022 - 23:59

Sant’Anna School for Advanced Studies announces a public selection based on qualification and competitive exams for one technology expert, following art. 24-bis L. 240/2010; the contract will run for 24 months, with placement in D grade, economic position D5, at the Biorobotics Institute of Sant’Anna School for Advanced Studies. This role will provide both technical and managerial support to the projects AInCP: “Clinical validation of Artificial INtelligence for providing a personalized motor clinical profile assessment and rehabilitation of upper limb in children with unilateral Cerebral Palsy”, SoftGrip: “Soft robotics gripper for delicate produce harvesting”, Larynx: “Studio e sviluppo di una laringe artificiale per indagare e replicare la fisiologia del sistema di produzione vocale e la fisiopatologia delle comuni lesioni cordali” (Study and development of an artificial larynx to investigate and replicate the physiology of the vocal production system and the pathophysiology of common cord lesions), and HBP-SGA3: “HUMAN BRAIN PROJECT - Specific Grant Agreement 3”.

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