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O.S.ARE project (Sustainable olive growing in Maremma hills)

progetto O.S.ARE

O.S.ARE is project supported by Regione Toscana, Submeasure 16.2 of PSR2014-2020, call GAL F.A.R Maremma.


  • Local Partners: Farm Guastini Eleonora, Farm Panfilo Matteo, Farm Marzano Rita, Agricultural Company l’Oliveta
  • Scientific Partner: Scuola Sant’Anna di Pisa, Center of Plant Sciences
  • Technology Partner: Aedit srl


  • Improve olive grovers knowledges about soustainable oliviculture
  • Develop and use ICT (Information and Comunicaton Technology) solutions in olive groves sustainable management
  • B.oleae control by means participatory monitoring methodology (collaborative activity with integration of farmers and technicians)
  • Assessment of farmers' satisfaction in use ICT technology (a smartphone app for guiding olive growers in participatory monitoring of olive fruit fly flight and infestation in olive groves)
  • Apply soustainable methodologies in Olive Fruit Fly (Bactrocera oleae) contol


Activities divide OSARE Project into following packages:

  • Demonstration activity
  • Olive Fruit Fly (Key-Pest) monitoring activity
  • Bactrocera oleae control Activity
  • Dissemination activity

Every activity of OSARE Project is measurable, time-scaled and has had considerable impact.


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