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Sustainability Report

The mission, values ​​and principles that the School intends in the coming years

The sustainability Report is a tool that aims to show the activites and challenges undertaken in 2021 by the Sant’Anna School, highlighting the mission, value and principles that the Institution has set itself and that intends to respond.

The data collection and rationalization activites were coordinated by Prof. Marco Frey with the support of working group set up for tematic areas.

The report is structured as the follow: 

Part 1

  • The School
  • Governance
  • Quality System
  • Performance
  • Gender equality plan
  • Corruption prevention and transparency
  • Resources, efficiency and economy

Part 2

  • Education
  • Social mobility and merit
  • Outrearch and Impact
  • AfricaConnect e Afghan futures projects
  • International relations and partnerships
  • Environment and Procurement