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Research fellow specialised in Sustainable Agriculture and Science Communication.



- H2020 AGROMIX: AGROforestry and MIXed farming systems - Participatory research to drive the transition to a resilient and efficient land use in Europe (2020-2024)

- H2020 UNDERTREES: Creating knowledge for UNDERsTanding ecosystem seRvicEs of agroforEStry systems through a holistic methodological framework (2020-2025)

- H2020 AE4EU: Agroecology for sustainable agricultural and food systems (2021-2023)

- Erasmus+ MedCaravan: Mediterranean Caravan, Learning and Sharing Agroecology (2020-2023)


Agroecology, mixed agricultural systems, agroforestry and participatory research approach


Book volumes:

Wezel, Alexander, Baptiste Grard, and Vasileios Gkisakis. "Mapping the development of agroecology in Europe." (2023).

Collaboratori: Belardoni Rolando, Beghini Stella, Bianchi Andrea, Brumer Anna, Cassiano Paola, Dan Raluca, Dimitrova Anastazija, Fasso Alice, Fragkiadoulaki Athina, Ghiban Ana, Giatsidou Vasiliki, Papadopoulos Panayotis, Grima Samwel, Hetman Maria, Jantol Alina, Kalaba Igor, Lopičić Luka, Lorimer Matthias, Marchetti Angelica, Marjanović Jana, Migliorini Paola, Mlinarec Maja, Primucci Davide, Sanfilippo Massimiliano, Shentova Ralitsa, Škorjanc Karla


Dissemination papers: