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Cibo, sostenibilità e diritti


Deadline for Registration - EXTENDED

January 10th, 2024


January 29th-February 2nd, 2024

Learning objectives

The Seasonal School will introduce participants to the urgent topic of food sustainability, exploring how to build sustainable and climate-resilient agri-food systems through a dialogue between social and life sciences. Regulatory and non-regulatory measures for socially inclusive and environmentally more efficient food systems will be addressed. The policy and legal implications of the transformative approach recently taken by the EU with the European Green Deal and the shift towards more sustainable solutions in a Farm to Fork perspective will be thoroughly analysed during the Seasonal School. Topics such as food security and the right to food, food safety, international trade, digital innovation and blockchain will be at a centre stage. Moreover, issues linked to farming and consumption models will be taken into consideration through seminars given by scholars from the life science Institute.

Teaching methodologies

Students will find an interactive and cross-disciplinary learning environment that facilitate problem solving as well as strong decision-making, strategic communication, and leadership. Interdisciplinary will characterize both the teaching staff (including professors of law, economics, management, agronomy, medicine) and the participants. Cross-fertilization among disciplines is in fact the most effective way for designing more sustainable food systems. 

Who should attend this Seasonal School?

Undergraduate, postgraduate and PhD students from different backgrounds (e.g. law, political science, life sciences and engineering) who are interested in understanding the agri-food systems governance.

About us

Here are some statements released by the previous editions’ winners of the merit award offered by Fondazione Il Talento all’OperaFondazione EY.