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MSc in Economics

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The Faculty of Economics of University of Pisa and the Institute of Economics of Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna have developed a challenging two-year Master Program in Economics awarded jointly by the two Institutions.
The program provides its students with an advanced training in economics supported by the complementary quantitative and statistical tools. Central aim of the program is to enhance the students’ ability to analyze the economic phenomena at different levels: firm, industry, national and international. This range of skills represents the ideal background for the development of professionals able to understand the present fast-changing economic environment.

This two-year degree is designed for students aiming at pursuing knowledge-intensive careers in dynamic firms and corporations, consultancies and public organizations, but offers also solid basis for those willing to pursue an academic career in the field of economics or other professional activities characterized by a strong research content.
The Master program in Economics has no restricted access, but admission is subject to the assessment of the curriculum provided by applicants made by an admission committee. Students are enrolled at the University of Pisa.

For detailed information see MSE page.