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PhD in Space Science and Technology – SST

The goal is to train researchers in science, engineering, technology and international relations in the space sector through the development of knowledge, skills and expertise in the research areas of interest of the twenty-seven participating universities and research organizations, including Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna
PhD in Space

taly has a long tradition in space science and technology and has developed a comprehensive chain of activities linking university education, academic, private research and industrial activities.
Space activities represent a multidisciplinary field that requires specific education and training.
The National PhD Program in Space Science and Technology aims to train young PhD’s in the field of science, engineering, technology and international relations in the space sector through the development of knowledge, skills and competencies in the research areas of interest of the twenty-seven participating Universities and Research Institutions. 

The training topics related to space activities cover multiple areas, which makes the National PhD approach particularly effective. In this way, lectures and training content, laboratories and internship opportunities, offered by a large number of national and international universities and research organizations, can be shared, ensuring quality and excellence in content, the building of a solid network of professional relationships and at the same time a wide variety of customized training profiles.
The activity is organized into advanced courses taken remotely during the first two years of the course. The research activity on the topic of the PhD thesis is carried out during the three-year period at the location that provided the scholarship, also taking advantage of periods at other locations in Italy (minimum six months) and abroad (minimum six months), according to a research plan discussed with the Curriculum Referee and approved by the PhD Board.

The result of the research activity must result in a thesis with original and innovative contents. By the end of the PhD course, the student must also have developed the ability to carry out research activities independently as well as the ability to effectively communicate the results and methods used to an international audience, both orally and in writing.
The PhD activity aims at the development of an exploratory approach to research topics and the capability of transferring the results of scientific relevance and qualification to applied problems and contexts, with a view to strengthening the links between basic and applied research in fields which require the development of technologies, methods and solutions with high innovative content.
Finally, the candidate will be offered the opportunity to learn skills related to the formulation of research projects and their management in national and international contexts, acquiring the necessary tools to carry out individual and group research work.

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