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PhD in Sustainable Development and Climate Change

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Vision: A just and innovative society in harmony with the planet.

Mission: To offer an inter-university educational roadmap, promote the ability of future generations to orient the change through transdisciplinary reflection, understand the evolving climate, design and implement a de-carbonized, just and sustainable society.

The ideal candidates are ambitious and specialized doctoral candidates who want to integrate and advance their knowledge and skills in a multidisciplinary scientific ecosystem and thus become the pioneers of a green societal paradigma.
The PhD in Sustainable Development and Climate Change is a project of the School for Advanced Studies IUSS of Pavia and the Center for Climate Change studies and Sustainable Actions (3CSA) of the Federation of the Italian Schools of Advanced Studies, co-funded by the Italian Ministry of the University and the Research (MUR).

The education and research programme is organized in 6 curricula which share two common goals:

  • to propose new sustainable models to address climate change and its impacts, and
  • to build a learning and research community able to promote innovative and operational solutions to the complex problems of our society.

A programme where ideas and methods concerned with Environment, Society, Technology, Economics and Health themes are integrated in a global vision.

The scholarships funded by Sant'Anna School

In the context of the curriculum “Theories, Institutions and Cultures”, Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna offers two Ph.D. scholarships on the following topics:

  • Governing Sustainable Development and Climate Change: Theories and Regulation (CU4.05)
  • Ethical, Political and Institutional Profiles of Sustainable Development and Climate Change (CU4.16)

Check out the PhD website.