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Leading role in the study and research related to the rights of citizenship, with particular regard to the organization of public policies of solidarity in the fields of health care and social assistance


WISS conducts research in the areas of Public and Constitutional Law, also from a European and comparative perspective. Research areas mainly concern citizenship rights, in particular with respect to solidarity-driven public policies in the areas of health care and social welfare, as well as of the function of horizontal subsidiarity, especially in the so-called Third Sector. Another component of the Laboratory is STALS (Sant’Anna Legal Studies) focusing on constitutional legal studies. It offers young scholars from all around the world a concrete possibility of having their ideas published, by writing papers not only in English but also in French or Spanish.

Wiss Lab focuses on the following topics: Citizenship, Social Rights, public policies on social assistance, health care and social housing; Immigration and Asylum law and policies, Horizontal Subsidiarity (legal forms and normative limits of the contribution of private individuals or organizations to activities of general interest); Policies concerning the so-called Third sector (analysis of national and regional legislation and proposal for revision); Social services and the relationship between law and technologies; Institutional innovation and redefinition of the relationships between public administrations and citizens; Italian and European politics and policies; Local law and devolution; New constitutional experiences; Judicial dialogue and transnational law, Global legal pluralism.
Other research strains are more connected to the new challenges posed by the globalization of markets and the fast development of technologies, which call for a comprehensive analysis of the impact of existing regulation and of recent reforms on current judicial and legislative practice.