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Admission to Agricultural Sciences and Plant Biotechnologies - II Level Courses

The call for Agricultural Sciences and Plant Biotechnologies is now open!

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Deadline June 18th 2024, 12 am

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To Agricultural Sciences and Plant Biotechnology 4 places are reserved.


Admission requirements

To be admitted to the first year of II Level Honours Courses, candidates must have:

  • an academic qualification giving access to Master's Degree Courses from an Italian or foreign university, or undertake to obtain it by December, 31st, 2024, under penalty of disqualification from the place;
  • completed the degree course in no more than four years, except for duly certified reasons of health or maternity;
  • the weighted average of the marks of the exams taken in the degree course required for admission to the Master's degree equal to at least 27/30 (Italian system) or B (international system in accordance with the provisions of paragraph 2 below);
  • a B2 level certification of knowledge of the Italian language (in the case of candidates with a foreign qualification and no Italian mother tongue).

Important: Candidates are bound to comply with the provisions for admission or enrolment in their chosen Master's Degree Course with regard to the minimum requirements and admission procedures. In the case of Master's degree courses that have a programmed number of places or that require candidates to pass assessment tests, candidates are required to take and pass the relative admission tests in accordance with the procedures and deadlines set by the chosen Master's degree course, and in any case no later than December, 31st, 2024, under penalty of forfeiture of their place.

The conversion table approved by Rectoral Decree no. 99/2024 and published on the institutional website of the School, in the section dedicated to admissions, will be applied for the evaluation of the grade point average requirement for candidates enrolled or graduated at foreign universities. Only those candidates who are in possession of the required average mark or for whom an equivalent mark has been ascertained will be admitted to the competition.