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Admission to Engineering

The Call for Industrial Engineering is now open!

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Deadline July 26th 2023, 12 pm

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The competition for Engineering is divided into three phases: pre-selection, two written tests and an oral exam.

Please remember that all tests, both written and oral will be held in Italian (art.5.6 of the call).


The pre-selection consists in passing the TOLC or TOLC@Casa test provided by the Cisia Consortium. For admission to the competition, candidates must prove that they have passed the TOLC or TOLC@Casa test in any of the CISIA affiliated offices, by the deadline set by the call (12 pm, July 26th 2023) with the minimum score required by the call. The TOLC can be taken at any university, even if different from the one where you want to enroll. The call requires specific TOLCs. For Social Sciences two different TOLC are indicated. It will be possible to submit one of the two tests taken, according to your choice. TOLC taken from February 2022 are accepted. The candidate will choose the result to submit. In the application it will be possible to insert, following a possible repetition of the TOLC, the highest score achieved, until the end of the call.

Once you pass the TOLC with the score indicated by the call, you must register for the competition at this link by 12pm on July 26th, 2023. The list of candidates admitted to the written tests will be published on this page by August,3rd 2023.

Attention: the last TOLC score entered in the application will be valid even if it is pejorative. The type and the minimum scores required to pass the TOLC are as follows

Information and Telecommunications Engineering TOLC I 27/50 Candidates ranked in the first 120 are eligible for the written tests

Written tests

  1. Mathematics test
  2. Integrated physics and "problem solving" test

Oral test

Physics test and planning and problem solving aptitude test as well as an interview intended to assess a candidate’s motivation/disposition for the School’s programmes, their aptitude for their chosen subject area and for campus life.


Previous years tests and Syllabus to prepare for the tests

Tests mathematics-physics a.y. 22-23
Tests mathematics-physics a.y. 21-22 
Tests mathematics-physics a.y. 20-21
Tests mathematics-physics a.y. 19-20
Tests mathematics-physics a.y. 18-19
Tests mathematics-physics a.y. 17-18
Tests mathematics-physics a.y. 16-17
Syllabus to prepare for the tests (to be integrated)