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Caterina Sganga


Caterina Sganga joined Sant’Anna as an Associate Professor of Comparative Private Law in October 2018. Prior to her appointment at SSSA, she was Assistant and later Associate Professor of Law at the Department of Legal Studies and Department of Economics and Business of Central European University (CEU, 2012-2018). She holds a Ph.D. in Comparative Private Law from Sant’Anna, an LL.M. from Yale Law School, and an LL.B. and J.D. from University of Pisa.

In the past years she held visiting teaching appointments at Maynooth University (Ireland), CEU, the Europa-Kolleg of the University of Hamburg and the University of Pisa, was a fellow at the Information Society Project at Yale Law School, and a visiting researcher at the Center for Intellectual Property Policy at McGill University (Montreal).

Caterina's key research area is international and comparative intellectual property law, with a focus on European copyright law, IP and new technologies (AI, IoT, cloud computing, cyberpsace, digitization), IP and innovation policies, the interplay between IP and human rights, and data ownership and management in the era of big data. She is a member of several international IP and property law associations (EPIP, ATRIP, ALPS) and a fellow of the European Law Institute.

From January 2020, she is the coordinator of the H2020 project reCreating Europe ("Rethinking digital copyright law for a culturally diverse, accessible, creative Europe", 2020-2022), which studies the impact of EU digital copyright law on creativity, cultural diversity and access to knowledge through a multidisciplinary approach and a focus on five groups of stakeholders (individual authors and performers, creative industries, cultural institutions such as galleries, libraries, archives and museums, intermediaries, users). ReCreating Europe aims at offering innovative contributions to assess the impact of current laws, develop reform proposals, and prepare and test guidelines which may inspire the self-regulatory efforts of different interest groups.

Caterina's book "Propertizing European Copyright. History, Challenges and Opportunities" has been published by Edward Elgar in 2018 (electronic version with Introduction and Chapter One in open access available here). She authored the volume "I beni in generale" (On goods - general theory) in the Italian Commentario al Codice Civile P.Schlesinger (Giuffré Editore) in 2015, and several contributions published in edited books, international journals such as the International Review of Intellectual Property and Competition Law (IIC), the Cambridge Journal of International and Comparative Law, the European Intellectual Property Review (EIPR), the Journal of Intellectual Property, Information Technology and E-Commerce Law (JIPITEC), the Journal of Intellectual Property Law and Practice, and a number of Italian law reviews.

Caterina is also avvocato at the Italian State Bar and attorney-at-law at the New York State Bar.


Ph.D. in Law, Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna (2011)
LL.M., Yale Law School (2009)
J.D. (2006), LL.B. (2004), University of Pisa
Master’s Diploma in Law (2006), Diploma in Law (2004), Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna

Contributo su Rivista

  • International and Comparative Intellectual Property Law, with a key focus on
    • European Copyright Law
    • Intellectual Property and new technologies (AI, IoT, cloud computing, cyberspace, digitization)
    • Intellectual Property, Human Rights and Constitutions
  • Propertization of data and data ownership in the era of big data
  • Comparative Property Law
  • Comparative Tort Law, with a focus on personal injury damages

Undergraduate courses

  • Intellectual property between exclusivity and access (1 cr), First Semester, 2018-2019
  • Comparative Introduction to Intellectual Property (2 cr), Second Semester, 2018-2019
  • Comparative Property Law (2 cr), First Semester 2019-2020
  • Common law contracts (1 cr), Second Semester, 2019-2020
  • Economics and Law of Patents (2 cr, with Prof Alessandro Nuvolari), Second Semester, 2019-2020

PhD courses

  • Intellectual Property and Human Rights (2 cr), Second Semester, 2018-2019
  • Towards a Global Property Model? (1 cr), Second Semester, 2018-2019
  • Digital Rights and Conflicts (2 cr), First Semester, 2019-2020
  • Frontiers of Intellectual Property: Artificial Intelligence, Big Data and Beyond (1 cr), First Semester, 2019-2020

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