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Hi, welcome to my page!

I am a third-year PhD student at Sant'Anna School of Advanced Studies, and I am currently visiting the School of Economics and Finance of Queen Mary University of London.

My main research interests lie in the field of Applied Macroeconomics, with a focus on three research areas. First, I study the macroeconomic effects of aggregate demand dynamics, with a special focus on medium- and long-run effects (i.e. hysteresis effects). Second, I use empirical tools to examine the macroeconomic impact of climate change, particularly how climate-induced shocks affects tail risk in GDP growth. Lastly, I am also interested in evaluating the empirical performance of macroeconomic models using time series techniques. The focus is on both macro Agent-based and DSGE models.


Research interests: Applied Macroeconomics; Macro-Climate; Empirical Evaluation of Macroeconomic Models

Supervisor: Alessio Moneta; Co-supervisor: Andrea Roventini