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Andrea Roventini


My main research interests include complex system analysis, agent-based computational economics, growth, business cycles, and the study of the effects of monetary, fiscal, technology and climate policies. I am advisory editor for the Journal of Evolutionary Economics.

I am currently participating to European Commission FP7 project “Impacts and Risks from Higher-End Scenarios: Strategies for Innovative Solutions” (IMPRESSION),; European Commission H2020 project, “Distributed Global Financial Systems for Society “(DOLFINS),; European Commission H2020 project, “Innovation-Fuelled, Sustainable, Inclusive Economic Growth” (ISIGrowth),

My works have been published in Journal of Evolutionary Economics, Journal of Applied Econometrics, Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control, Environmental Modelling and Software, Macroeconomic Dynamics, Computational Economics.

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Macroeconomics, agent-based computational economics


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