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The goals: health care as a person's well-being

The Center's challenges involve the entire scope of social and health care intervention, from prevention to treatment, from rehabilitation to end of life

The goals of the Health Science focus on the entire scope of intervention of social and health care, from prevention to treatment, from rehabilitation to the end of life.
In this context, the challenges that appear most obvious in the current historical and social stage are as follows:

  1. Analyze and monitor the needs of the population to identify possible innovative technological and care responses.
  2. Analyze the ethical, social and economic sustainability of social and health care systems.
  3. Identifying ways to ensure the protection of the most fragile groups by age, gender, comorbid status, census, frailty, place of residence, and health coverage (with special attention to people with disabilities and migrants).
  4. Assessing the existence of the gap between the advancement of medical knowledge, technological innovation and their implementation in the processes of screening, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of physical and mental illnesses.
  5. Identify, design, and test technological innovations in bioengineering, information technology, and telecommunication systems that can improve the quality of life of the population and affect the environmental and economic sustainability of the health and social system.