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Our Expertise

Medicine, Engineering, Management, and Law: the key areas for health protection
Centro di ricerca Health Science


Inter- and multidisciplinary collaborations aimed at:

  1. biomedical topics such as understanding pathogenetic mechanisms, diagnostic and therapeutic innovation, and innovation in diagnostic and treatment processes;
  2. Cross-cutting areas of interest with biological and technological sciences and engineering;
  3. The relationship between evidence-based medicine and its implementation in terms of sustainability in a universalistic system (from "bench to bedside" to "bedside to health administration and policy").


  1. telecommunications networks and systems to support telemedicine, telediagnostics and telehealth, including in emergency scenarios;
  2. artificial intelligence algorithms, including for diagnostic innovation;
  3. embedded or cyber-physical systems connected in fixed or radiomobile networks enabling physician tele-presence;
  4. embedded systems, mechanics, medical robotics, neuroengineering, bioengineering, biomechatronics, bionics, biomimicry, virtual reality, wearable sensing, optical communications, materials.


Research activities on health and social-health issues through the "Management and Health Laboratory" (MeS) with expertise covering:

  1. measurement and evaluation of the performance of health care systems, care pathways, organizational models, programs and health policies;
  2. user and general population preferences for service design and evaluation;
  3. preferences of professionals in relation to decision-making choices and organizational models.


  1. study of legal developments--at local, national and supra-national levels--regarding the organization and functioning of systems of protection of social rights;
  2. "right to health" as a right concerning the totality of the human person and the interest of the community;
  3. study and development of proposals on the subject of integrating the public supply of health, social and socio-health services;