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How to activate an internship

The internship is the first opportunity for our students to come into contact with the world of work and gain professional experience. It offers organisations and companies the opportunity to welcome and 'test' qualified and talented profiles.
The curricular traineeship is an experience aimed at completing university education, may last up to 12 months and must be completed by the time the degree is awarded.
An extra-curricular traineeship is an experience aimed at creating direct contact with the host company or institution in order to foster the enrichment of knowledge, the acquisition of professional skills and job placement. It can be carried out within 12 months of obtaining the degree. The duration, generally a maximum of 6/12 months, varies depending on the region where the institution/enterprise is based.

The traineeships are carried out on the basis of special agreements governing the relationship between the promoting body (the Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna) and the host body (the company or organisation where the traineeship takes place). The agreements are drawn up in accordance with a scheme provided for by the Italian regulations in force for traineeships and may be stipulated for the individual traineeship or course of study, or for the entire School (framework agreement) aimed at all types of courses of study activated Sant’Anna.
The School as the promoting body insures the trainee against accidents at work with INAIL, as well as for third party liability. For each traineeship, a training project is drawn up in which all the specific information related to the individual traineeship is indicated (student's data, duration, training project in the company with an indication of the total hours envisaged and the hours of stay, arrangements for any transfers, suspensions or extensions, the allowance where envisaged or required by law). The training project also requires the name of the university tutor and the company tutor, i.e. the person from the institution/company to whom the trainee refers during the traineeship experience.

Contracted organisations and companies

If your company already has an agreement for traineeships with the Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna, it is sufficient to define the training project of the traineeship by filling in the appropriate form with all the necessary information.

Non-contracted organisations and companies

If you wish to activate an agreement to host trainees, you need to contact the Placement Service and request the agreement template and proceed to sign the agreement. Once signed, one can proceed to define the training project of the traineeship by filling in the appropriate form with all the necessary information.


N.B.: no traineeship may begin before the agreement has been signed by both parties!