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STAFF Mobility: Academic and Administrative-Technical Staff

Internazionale_Staff mobility

 Erasmus+ Staff Teaching (STA)

Erasmus+ mobility offers the opportunity both to the Academic and the Administrative-Technical Staff to perform teaching and training activities aiming at updating skills in a Programme Country, different from its own, achieving new competencies by  exchanging practises. Beside the individual mobility, the possibility to join Blended Intensive Programmes (BIP) is offered.
Teaching and Training mobilities can be combined: to perform a teaching mobility the destination has to be a Higher Institutions that has already subscribed an Erasmus Agreement with Sant'Anna School.


Administrative-Technical Staff Training (STT)

Erasmus+ programme allows the administrative and technical staff to spend a training period, called "Staff Mobility for Training", at Higher Institutions holding an  ECHE (Erasmus Charter for Higher Education)and/or at companies established in a Programme Country  (Programme Countries – KA131) or in third countries (Partner Countries – KA171).
Through this mobility, the staff can join courses or seminars or perform job shadowing activities, aiming at developing, transferring and comparing activities with the final goal to innovate and improve teaching and training systems.