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In conjunction with the National PhD in Artificial Intelligence for Society, Irina joined the LIDER-Lab at Sant'Anna School of Advanced Studies in 2022, researching on accountability frameworks for the development of trustworthy AI systems. 

Her research interests include AI governance from a comparative perspective, product liability for AI-embedded products, algorithmic accountability, and the impact of algorithmic decision-making on fundamental rights. 

Irina is licensed to practice law in Italy and is fluent in five languages.


Carnat I, ‘The Notion of Defectiveness Applied to Autonomous Vehicles: The Need for New Liability Bases for Artificial Intelligence’ (2020) in Trento Student Law Review Vol.2 No.2.

Carnat I., 'Il compromesso di ChatGPT per il contenzioso civile: dall'affidabilità alla responsabilità' (2023) in Rivista Italiana di Medicina Legale 2/2023.