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Crop, Soil, Water interactions

Providing innovative solutions to global change drivers - climate change, management practices, and land-use change - on crop-soil-water systems using multiple lines of evidence from observations, experiments, and models at multiple scales from genes to agroecosystems
Crop Science

This unit mainly deals with the following research topics:

  • Development of microbial biostimulants for crops from functionally driven isolation to consortia formulation and field tests
  • Conservation agriculture and carbon storage in soil in different agro-ecological areas
  • Relationships between soil biota and agroecosystem functionality using taxonomy and molecular approaches 
  • Biodiversity of soil aggregation, particularly the role of mycorrhizal and saprobic fungi and their interactions with other soil biota
  • Organic residues and treated wastewater recycling in agriculture following circular economy principles
  • Development of functional cereal-based foods and effects on human microbiome
  • Answering agro-ecological cutting-edge issues by means of meta-analytical techniques, modelling tools, spatial analysis and advanced statistics
  • Development and application of Information and Communication Technologies for water resources management and governance
  • The use of non-conventional water and nature-based solutions in agriculture in the Mediterranean area