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The crisis of democracy at the heart of Pandora Rivista's Dialogues Festival. On Thursday, October 6th, Barbara Henry, professor of Political Philosophy, will participate in the debate "Digital revolution and democracy: synergy or conflict?"

Publication date: 04.10.2022
Barbara Henry
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More than 30 meetings and 100 guests at the Dialogues Festival of Pandora Rivista, scheduled in Modena from October 5 to 16. The title of this fifth edition is "Democracy in Crisis? Effectiveness, fragility, glimmers": experts from the worlds of culture, university, information, and economics will take an in-depth look at the current crisis of democracy, discussing global challenges such as war, climate change, and migration, but also ways for regeneration, providing insights for rethinking our society.

Barbara Henry, professor of Political Philosophy at the Dirpolis Institute (Law, Politics, Development) of Sant'Anna School, is taking part in the series of meetings in Modena by participating in the debate "Digital revolution and democracy: synergy or conflict?" on Thursday, October 6. Paolo Benanti, Italian theologian and academic of the Third Regular Order of San Francesco, and Maurizio Ferraris, professor of Theoretical Philosophy at the University of Turin, will also speak at the dialogue, promoted by BPER Banca in collaboration with the Fondazione Collegio San Carlo.