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GLOBAL EDUCATION: DEADline for application to the MSc PIXNET VISITing scholars program is december 17, 2018. 8 scholarships up to 2000 euros per week are available for visiting researchers

Publication date: 16.10.2018
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The PIXNET consortium offers 8 scholarships up to 2000 euros per week for scholars and guest lecturers from EU and Third-Country higher education institutions to carry out teaching assignments and scholarly work for the Photonic Integrated Circuits, Sensors and NETworks (PIXNET) Master Course. The PIXNET consortium, consisting of Sant’Anna School, Aston University - Birmingham, TuE University - Eindhoven and the University of Osaka, aim to support research in advanced photonic sensors and applications through the provision of EU funding schemes for mobility including the Erasmus+ action.

Awarded to scholars with a strong academic record, the PIXNET MSc International Scholarships are open to applicants until December 17, 2018.

Scholars holding the Erasmus+ grant shall perform teaching and peer tutoring activities. They commit themselves to bring added value to teaching modules, seminars and workshops and contribute to dissemination of research findings. Piero Castoldi, Professor of Telecommunications at Sant’Anna School TeCIP Institue will act as the scientific supervisor for the duration of the research stay.

With 9.5 million euro of funding, International Credit Mobility supports Higher Educations Institutions to expand their internationalization and cooperation strategies, by sending and receiving the best students and staff from around the world beyond Europe. This PINET consortium initiative is part of the Europe of Knowledge network, which brings together scholars whose work relates to the deeply interconnected fields of higher education, research, and innovation.

Call for Applications is available at:

Cover Photo: PIXNET MSc students.