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Innovative and interdisciplinary teaching: EELISA alliance's third Joint Call open for funding for activities related to the implementation of cutting-edge learning methods

Publication date: 07.05.2024
EELISA joint call #3
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The EELISA alliance is launching its third “Joint Call”, a call offering a funding opportunity for inter-institutional activities of EELISA communities.

The edition has a total budget of €130,000 to be dedicated to fund proposals for innovative, inter-institutional activities that align with EELISA’s goal of transforming higher education through interdisciplinary approaches and innovative teaching methods.

The call targets Challenge-Based Learning (CBL) activities and other innovative pedagogies and promote interdisciplinary, intercultural, and inter-institutional cooperation. Activities should focus on addressing complex challenges that relate to the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

All EELISA Communities are eligible to participate, and involvement of diverse groups of stakeholders is encouraged, including students, faculty, researchers, companies, NGOs, start-ups and public authorities.

A Q&A session is scheduled for Friday, May 17th. To participate, you must register here.

All information is available on this dedicated page.