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Management and Control of the Environment: applications are open until the 28th of November for the new edition of the master's degree program that trains managers of the circular economy. Scholarships available

Publication date: 21.09.2022
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Applications are open until the 28th of November for the second-level master's degree program in Management and Control of the Environment, sponsored by Sant'Anna School. The course of study provides, since more than 25 years, a high-level multidisciplinary curriculum in the environmental sector and can boast the involvement of a significant number of institutions and companies that invest in new talent by providing scholarships to cover all or part of the enrollment fee (more than 15 scholarship available, for this year, thanks to partners). In addition, Sant'Anna School may reserve some places for candidates who have won INPS grants or training vouchers provided by the regions. More information is available on the Master's website:

Created in 2007 as the first and unique master's program in Italy focused on the problem of the integrated waste cycle and an evolution of the "Master Ambiente" organized by Sant'Anna School in the previous eleven years, the master's program is in continuous development, taking into consideration current issues such as the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. For the edition 2023, the XXVII, the program, reshaped to be more dynamic, will examine in depth the logic of current economic transitions: circularity, energy transition, decarbonization and their geo-political, social and environmental implications.

With its interdisciplinary approach, opportunities to develop innovative skills in close contact with research and operational realities, and laboratory and internship activities, the Master's program trains professionals and managers in the circular economy who are able to define and implement strategies and tools to support circular and efficient resource management, with specific skills in waste, water, energy and natural capital management.

Marco Frey, director of the Master's program and professor of economics and business management at the Management Institute of Sant'Anna School, stresses the importance of the themes examined in the course: "The European Commission's March 2020 Action Plan confirmed the centrality of this topic in the policies of the coming years, unifying the orientation of efficient resource management with that of transforming the economy in a perspective of more sustainability, equity and preservation of natural capital. The health emergency placed stronger emphasis on the social dimension of sustainability and contributed to accelerated efforts and investments for a faster transition to a different development model, of which circular economy is a key component."


How to enroll

Applications must be submitted by November 28, 2022 using the online service accessible at the Master's website:

May apply those who are in possession of a master's degree (D.M.270/2004), specialist degree (D.M.509/1999) or old system degree or equivalent title, obtained, by the deadline of this call. May also apply undergraduates who plan to finish, before the start of the Master's program, all the exams and obtain the degree in the extraordinary session of the academic year preceding the start of the Master's program itself.