Performance measurement of Nursing Homes in Tuscany developed by the Sant’Anna School MeS Management and Health Lab

The MeS (Management and Health) Laboratory at Sant’Anna School is releasing reports on the quality of care delivered in Tuscany nursing homes. This performance measurement initiative is developed with the involvement of 100 nursing homes under the supervision of Sara Barsanti and researchers of Mes Lab.. The objectives of this three-year review 2018-2020 are to provide a comprehensive assessment of community-based services which is expected to keep health care sustainable. Policy makers need to achieve a sustainable system to serve older citizens with appropriate care without exhausting natural resources or causing ecological damage.

In 2019, researchers have selected valid indicators focusing on quality of clinical aspects, long-term care financial and organizational sustainability, patient satisfaction with caregivers, and non-clinical domains such as leisure and recreational activities.

To monitor community care, valid indicators are a prerequisite for risk management. They can provide indications for many stakeholders and provide transparency about the quality of care delivery and the performance of care professionals as the sustainability of long-term care is a prominent priority in many Italian regions. This involves proposals to improve the wellbeing of older people with a particular focus on energy, waste, procurement and good practice in social value derived from delivering high quality services to the local communities.