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The second edition of "Fuoriclasse" has started: success for the new simulation path in Virtual Reality, focused on the ENGINE project against gender violence, held at the Institute of Mechanical Intelligence

Publication date: 13.02.2023
Fuoriclassse ENGINE
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The second edition of "Fuoriclasse" began at the end of January, the initiative designed by the Third Mission, with the aim of bringing students closer to the world of research and knowledge. Objective achieved in a few weeks with over 1400 girls and boys registered for the various initiatives.

One of the novelties of this edition is certainly the "ENGINE: engaging men and boys against gender-based violence & discrimination through technology-based training" path which began on 9 February, at the Institute of Mechanical Intelligence, which involves 2 High Schools of Pisa.

Girls and boys, led by Carolina Marconi, research fellow at the Sant'Anna School, had the opportunity to simulate immersive experiences in Virtual Reality with the help of OCULUS viewers, putting themselves in the shoes of women who suffer harassment or discrimination.

The Institute of Mechanical Intelligence, the Dirpolis Institute and the Management Institute of the Sant'Anna School are participating in the ENGINE project, co-financed by the European Union, thus creating an interdisciplinary approach between the areas of research in Political Philosophy and Engineering and created in collaboration with ARTES 4.0 and with the Centro di Ascolto Uomini Maltrattanti, to raise awareness among the new generations on the fight against gender violence and discrimination through immersive reality technologies.