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Soundsafe Care, a project born at Sant'Anna School and future startup, was selected by Polo RoboIT to radically change the efficacy and safety of surgery

Soundsafe Care born at Sant'Anna School was selected by RoboIT, the first technology transfer center in Italy
Publication date: 10.02.2023
SoundSafe Surgical Care
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Soundsafe Care  was born at the Sant'Anna School and operates in the medical field, developing a technology that combines robotics and ultrasound in the safe and effective removal of tumors.

Focused ultrasound allows surgical treatments to be performed without incisions and without the use of ionizing radiation. Robotics improves the application of ultrasound in surgery.Precise positioning shortens treatment time and ensures safety throughout the procedure. Soundsafe Care was funded by RoboIT, the first technology transfer hub specialized in the robotics and automation sector promoted by CDP Venture Capital in collaboration with Pariter Partners which sees as scientific promoters the Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia, hub of the hub, Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna , University of Verona, University of Naples Federico II and as strategic partners FI.L.S.E. S.p.A. - Ligurian Financial Agency for Economic Development and Leonardo.

The fund is intended for startups that use technologies based on scientific discoveries or engineering innovations that can have an impact on the lives of people and society. Soundsafe Care is now looking for additional funding and investors to accelerate the process of bringing the technology to market.