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Sports events and sustainable accommodation: the Erasmus+ ACCESS project's online survey to gather opinions on fan travel continues. How to express your opinions

Publication date: 15.02.2024
progetto ACCESS
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Many sporting events attract tens of thousands of supporters, sometimes from as far as thousands of km away (i.e. international championships). These events have different environmental impacts (e.g. mobility, food & beverage consumption, energy, waste generation...). One of the aspects that does not receive enough attention is accommodation. The ACCESS project, coordinated by the SUM Laboratory of the Institute of Management of the Sant'Anna School of Advanced Studies in Pisa and ACR+, wants to focus on this aspect through a specific survey aimed at collecting opinions and information on habits and behavioural choices. For instance, the selection of accommodation could play an important role in the overall environmental performance of a sporting event. Many short and long-term accommodation options are joining the transition towards more environmental friendly practices, and this survey assesses whether or not these sustainability efforts by some accommodation facilities are paying off when supporters are choosing their accommodation options.

You can participate in this survey through this link:

On the cover: the ACCESS project team