The Boston Consulting Group (BCG) is a global management consulting firm and the world's leading advisor on business strategy. Founded in 1963, BCG is a private company with 85 offices in 48 countries.

In 2016, to celebrate its 30th year in Italy, the Boston Consulting Group launched "The Future Makers” project. "The Future Makers” program rewards the next generation of 100 talented students (out of 2000 candidates) from 25 Top Universities in Italy to offer them an opportunity for education and interaction with most influential representatives of the business community.

Luisa Caluri, who is among the 2017 "The Future Makers” winners, is studying business and management at Sant’Anna School. The Boston Consulting Group announced the 100 most talented students during a presentation ceremony in Milan. "The Future Makers” winners will be set up in the “accelerator program” to develop their tech innovation and networking opportunities. They will be mentored by industry experts and build more capable organizations before presenting their business case to the panel of judges.

“I had an extraordinary opportunity to hear from leaders, experts and managing directors” said Luisa Caluri, on her way back to Pisa. “All sessions were delivered by subject matter experts providing students with real-world experience. Participants included Diego Piacentini (Digital Transformation Team), Francesco Caio (former CEO of Poste Italiane), Francesco Storace (CEO of Enel), Bebe Vio (Paralympic athlete) and Christian Greco (director of Museo Egizio). We had the opportunity to recognize their leadership and management capabilities that improved their companies’ business performance and increased their revenues. They had the ability to translate leadership into clear and measurable initiatives and address their most critical challenges”.  

“All companies competing in global markets will need to raise their investment in the talent management of the “Future Makers”. It is crucial to move to a talent-driven economy; it will mean promoting a modern network where employees can interact with officers and managers, exchange and communicate ideas, and contribute to teamwork and collaboration. Social networks are a tool that connects people, so we (the 100 Future Makers) did not overlook the importance of social media for our communication and collaboration”.

Luisa Caluri will graduate in November 2017. Her thesis will discuss predominantly innovation and its management implications. By focusing on specific types of innovation she will explore managing innovation within the project environment as a mode of production. The MSc in Innovation Management is a joint program offered by Sant’Anna School and Università di Trento.

Cover photo: Luisa Caluri at BCG - Milano during the “The Future Makers” event.