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The Third Mission staff held a workshop on “Science communication and public engagement", prompting the interest and enthusiasm of a great number of students

The Third Mission staff of Sant’Anna School was at the Ulisse Dini High School for "Science communication and public engagement"
Publication date: 17.01.2023
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These are days of student self-government at the "Ulisse Dini" High School, days dedicated to debates and alternative educational activities in which the Sant'Anna School has also actively participated.

During the morning of 16 January, the staff of Third Mission Office, assisted by Marco Martinelli, organized and presented a workshop on “Science communication and public engagement".
Numerous students attended the lesson and actively participated in the seminar by asking questions about the world of research, communication and how technology and social media can help enhancing new scientific discoveries.

During the seminar, the research fields of the Sant'Anna School were also presented, as a contribution to the orientation path of students towards their future studies.