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"Total condemnation of the horrific attack that threatens security and peace in the Middle East area for the Palestinian and Israeli people": Sant'Anna School on the terrible terrorist attacks by Hamas forces against the Israeli

Publication date: 10.10.2023
Campus nella sede centrale
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In the face of the horrific terrorist-type attacks of extreme cruelty and savageness carried out in recent days by Hamas forces against the Israeli State and population, the Sant'Anna School - in a statement approved by the Academic Senate during its Tuesday, Oct. 10, meeting - expresses its total condemnation of the brutal attack that threatens security and peace in the Middle East area for the Palestinian and Israeli people. The Sant'Anna School expresses its full solidarity with the victims of the attacks and its sympathy with the families of the victims, the hostages and the injured. Great sympathy is also expressed to the Israeli universities that have lost many of their students". 

"The Sant'Anna School is committed to launching some initiatives in the coming days to make its entire community of students and faculty more aware of what is happening in Israel and in the Territories, also to understand what could be the consequences on the domestic and international level and the possible areas of action".

"The Sant'Anna School will be at the forefront in promoting positions and actions to raise awareness  on this crucial issue through Italian universities affiliated with CRUI and among European universities affiliated with the European University Association". 

"Finally, the Sant'Anna School expresses a clear condemnation of violence as a means of resolving international disputes and hopes for a political initiative that can lead to the resolution of the conflict in accordance with international law".