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"THE - Tuscany Health Ecosystem", the only life sciences innovation ecosystem funded under the PNRR: presented the program of activities of Spoke 10 "Population Health", coordinated by Sant'Anna School

As part of the National Recovery and Resilience Plan, the Ministry of University and Research will fund a total of 110 million euros for the project that focuses on the needs of the population

Publication date: 07.10.2022
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"THE - Tuscany Health Ecosystem" is the only ecosystem dedicated to Life Sciences, which focuses on population needs, funded under the National Recovery and Resilience Plan with a total of 110 million euros by the Ministry of University and Research. In the project, led by the University of Florence, the Sant'Anna School of Advanced Studies, as leader of Spoke 10 "Population Health", hosted the workshop where all partners presented their planned activities and expected goals. Representatives from the University of Florence (Principal Investigator Mario Biggeri), University of Pisa (Principal Investigator Elena Bargelli), University of Siena (Principal Investigator Alessandro Agnetis), University for Foreigners of Siena (Principal Investigator Tiziana de Rogatis), Dedalus (Principal Investigator Davide Guerri), as well as those from Sant'Anna School (Principal Investigator Sabina Nuti) were present.

Also planned, among other activities, is the development and updating of tools that can support the "governance" of the health ecosystem, with a special focus also on legal and migrant health, to close the gap between innovation and large-scale implementation.

"THE - Tuscany Health Ecosystem" is one of 11 nationally funded innovation ecosystems for the PNRR, but the only one dedicated to life sciences. The project's challenge is to make Tuscany the "health region" by pushing research toward applications and technology transfer, with the intention of growing, in terms of research, technologies dedicated to health and wellness and their diffusion.



In gallery: a moment of the workshop at the Sant'Anna School of Advanced Studies.