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Underwater and Hyperbaric Medicine "Piergiorgio Data": enrollment is open until Wednesday, Nov. 30, for the new edition of the Level II master's program aimed at medical professionals interested in hyperbaric treatment and management of underwater medical

The course has been held, since its creation in 2005, in collaboration with the CNR Institute of Clinical Physiology in Pisa

Publication date: 16.11.2022
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Enrollments are open until Wednesday, November 30th, for the second-level master's program in Underwater and Hyperbaric Medicine, dedicated to the memory of PierGiorgio Data, a doctor and professor. The course is promoted by the Sant'Anna School, which has collaborated, thanks to a specific agreement, with the CNR Institute of Clinical Physiology in Pisa since the first edition in 2005. The planned training activities offer teachings with a strong interdisciplinary character, covering physics, biomedical engineering, and economics, in order to intercept the needs of providing scientific and technical bases of excellence and continuous updating in the field of Underwater and Hyperbaric Medicine. A complete overview of the master's program is available at the dedicated page:

The course of study is aimed at medical professionals with a Medicine and Surgery degree, under the age of 65, to proceed to a training of 700 hours that includes numerous activities: frontal lectures available both in presence and remotely, international seminars, specific internships in underwater and hyperbaric medicine, and other field experiences, such as assisting in tunnelling activities.

The Sant'Anna School master's program adheres to the European guidelines "Training standards for diving and hyperbaric medicine", developed by the Joint Medical Subcommittee of the European Committee for Hyperbaric Medicine (ECHM) and the European Diving Technology Committee. In fact, IID and IIH level certifications are conferred at the conclusion, representing, today, the highest recognized levels of competence for Diving and Hyperbaric Medicine. Upon completion of the training, learners will be able to prevent and manage diving accidents, decompression sickness, and conditions requiring hyperbaric treatment.

The call for applications is available HERE.