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University excellence at the disposal of companies thanks to JEBE (Junior Enterprise Business and Engineering), the nonprofit association that brings together the expertise of 40 Honors students of Sant'Anna School

Publication date: 04.10.2022
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JEBE Sant'Anna (Junior Enterprise Business and Engineering) is the Junior Enterprise founded by Honors students of the Sant'Anna School of Advanced Studies in 2016 that aims to transform theoretical academic preparation into practical skills directly spendable in the world of business. Specifically, JEBE aims to be a bridge between the world of university excellence and businesses, offering marketing and budgeting consulting services, as well as contracting and informatics. The team counts forty Honors students who are divided among the Administrative Board, Area Managers, Project Managers, and Associates. Each contributes by creating a stimulating, creative and cohesive environment that, together with supplementary courses, interdisciplinary activities and international experiences, fosters the all-around growth of each member. This blending of experience and skills gives vitality and encourages original and innovative solutions.

JEBE fits into the mosaic of the other twenty-six Italian Junior Enterprises through the Italian Confederation of Junior Enterprises (JE Italy) and collaborates with the more than twenty thousand Junior Enterprises across Europe by participating in the European Confederation of Junior Enterprises (JE Europe). Also within the European framework, JEBE takes part in the European Alliance of Business Games (AEBG) as the main organizer of Business Games (BG) in the territory.

More specifically, JEBE's Business Game offers companies and start-ups the opportunity to connect with some of the best students from all disciplines through individual or team challenges proposed to them by the event's sponsors (impersonated by companies like IBM, Microsoft, Enel, Generali, Vodafone). The fourth edition is scheduled for this fall, at Sant'Anna School itself, after a two-year pause due to the pandemic.