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wearable robotics for neurorehabilitation: october 16-20, 2018, sant’anna school institute of biorobotics is pleased to announce two international conferences in Pisa

Publication date: 18.06.2018
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In Pisa, autumn is the season of robotics research. On October 16-20, Pisa will host two major international conferences on neurorehabilitation and wearable robotics. The 5th edition of ICNR2018 (International Conference on Neurorehabilitation) and the 3rd edition of WeRob (The International Symposium on Wearable Robotics) will be held at the Palazzo dei Congressi. After the Bright-La notte dei ricercatori,  Festival della Robotica and Internet Festival events, the Institute of Biorobotics, the Neural Rehabilition Group and the Instituto Cajal will welcome more than 500  academics and industry representatives with expertise in neurorehabilitation robots.

380 abstracts were submitted to the WeRob and ICNR2018 , 20% more than last year. This trend may be reflective of the higher quality of abstracts accepted and is associated with the high level of activities, in­cluding the organization of a series of scientific events such as conferences, summer seminars, and workshops, as well as leading special issues in prestigious scientific journals. Researchers with interest in the latest technological and scientific advance­ments achieved in the field of wearable technologies will gather to share knowledge and resources related to the fields of rehabilitation and motion assistance. These two major events will provide discussions about the challenges of ergonomics, kinematics, actuation solutions, control, human ­machine interaction, and wearable sensors. The conferences will also provide a platform to promote innovative and industrial solutions for the assistance of people suffering from motor disorders. Experts from different fields such as medical, caregiving, and indus­try will focus on rehabilitation robotics and motor recovery after neurological impairments.

The full agenda for the ICNR and WeRob will be released later in 2018.

Invited speakers, scientists and experts include: Maria Chiara Carrozza, professor Sant’Anna School Institute of Biorobotics and the director of Fondazione Don GnocchiMichael Goldfarb, professor at Vanderbilt UniversityKatja Mombaur, professor at Heidelberg University; Marcia K. O’Malley, Dept. of Mechanical Engineering at Rice University; Marco Santello, professor at Arizona State UniversityStephen Scott, professor at Queen’s University and Herman van der Kooijprofessor at University of Twente.

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