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Internship and placement

Career Service

The Master in Electoral Policy and Administration is committed to helping its students and alumni build successful careers and to providing them with valuable employment contacts world-wide.

Our students and alumni are offered the following services:

Career counselling: group and individual appointments with a career counsellor, focusing on personal expectations, interests, skills, weaknesses, and professional goals;

Specific training initiatives regarding access to the international careers sector and techniques of self promotion (such as CV and Cover Letter Writing, interview technique, personal communication skills…);

Student interaction with International Organisations/ NGO’s by virtue of the presence of members of said organisations in the teaching staff;

Internships: our students are provided with individual advisory service to help them choose the most suitable internship for them, and where needed they are assisted in taking contacts with the organizations.

Job Search Assistance: Alumni are assisted in their job search through participation in on-campus interviewing, the resume referral, networking contacts;

Regular Information Service regarding personnel recruitment by the largest International Organisations and NGO’s in this sector.

Information for NGO’s and IGO’s

We are constantly seeking new organisations interested in hosting our interns. If your organisation is interested in hosting an intern from our Master Programme, please contact the Master’s Office at

Election Management Bodies (EMBs)

The Programme involves Election Management Bodies (EMBs) as primary suppliers of students and possible hosts of the internships (not compulsory in order to earn the MEPA degree).


The internship is not compulsory in order to earn the First Level Master Diploma in Electoral Policy and Administration. However, the Master’s Secretarial Staff is available to provide assistance to students in finding placements, although an active collaboration by the students is required.

Students who wish to undertake an optional internship, at the end of the internship, shall produce a Master Thesis of min. 7.000 max 10.000 words, including references and appendices, related to the content of the internship or related to the Master Programme.

Students who do not wish to undertake an internship shall produce a Master Thesis on a topic of interest related to the content of the Master Programme. The Master Thesis must be of min 15.000 max 20.000 words, including references and appendices and must be approved by a Committee appointed by the Rector of the Scuola.

Partner Organisations

The MEPA partnership has an agreement with the following organizations that are willing to host MEPA interns: