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Sant’Anna school spinoff VR MEDIA participates in the CONNEXT INITIATIVE organized by Confindustria to enhance policy and practice of italian business ecosystem

Publication date: 31.01.2019
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VR media S.r.l., a spinoff company of Sant’Anna School TeCIP Institute, has been selected to participate in 7-8 February Connext Initiative in Milan, the Confindustria’s first national initiative aimed at building new partnerships for a future collaborative ecosystem supporting Italian companies’ product and service.

Partnerships can help enterprises and startups to scale their business in terms of technical ability, development, and solutions to achieve sustainable growth. The National business ecosystem, namely, the firms’ network, performance and governance will be integrated into a comprehensive adaptive system that enable them to evolve and fulfil the requirements from different stakeholders. Embracing innovation and digital technology to solve business problems, VR media S.r.l., operates in the sectors of virtual and augmented reality, developing innovative hardware/software products and solutions for the tech industry.

Selected from a pool of 20 enterprises that will face huge challenges in implementing smart factory as a key driver for sustainable development and process efficiency, VR media will offer a model for smart factory implementation built around virtualized platforms, cloud services, and a wide range of industrial applications.

Last January, VR media showed off its newest valuable product at CES Las Vegas, the world's gathering place for the business of consumer technologies. VR media has stepped out its innovative application by introducing Virtual Reality experience across industry; thanks to this VR device, Italy stepped out in a major way at CES 2019.