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“The School for schools in Ethiopia”, Sant’anna School academic staff of Life Sciences Institute donate desks, equipment and stationery to school providing education to over 700 children

Publication date: 17.11.2019
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Human first, and then a scientist. Sant’Anna School Life Sciences Institute researcher Matteo dell’Acqua and colleagues studying plant genomics in northern Ethiopia under the supervision of Professor Mario Enrico Pè, have raised 3,000 euro to support a school in northern Ethiopia Amhara region. By selling a calendar, scientists received funds for 140 desks, 11 chalkboards, chairsand school supplies (notebooks, paper, pens) donated in October 2019.

The new school in Sisiye - Amhara region is currently under construction but 773 children are attending classes taught by 32 teachers. The Amhara region school representatives had the opportunity to meet Sant’Anna School Academic staff and PhD students from the Life Sciences Institute conducting research on wheat genome in cooperation with Bioversity International organization. Sant’Anna School researchers have responded to their needs by facilitating the donations of school supplies. By selling the calendar, displaying photos taken in the research period, Mario Enrico Pè and the students of the PhD Program in Agrobiodiversity may have contributed to improve access to primary education.

Teachers and children took a temporary break from lessons to thank donors. Headmaster Seyoum Gelaw, said: “We are grateful to Sant'Anna School researchers for all they have done. Through your generosity, over 700 students will be allowed to attend lessons. We will pledge our best efforts in continuing the education program. Thank you for your generous contribution, we are very happy to share this experience with you”.

“We are happy our contribution goes to this community we have been working in partnership over the last ten years – said Mario Enrico Pè – We have developed a collaborative partnership, mutual respect, trust and truly productive relationships. Children needed pens and notebooks and we launched the photo calendar campaign to help them. This is our ‘School for your school’ initiative and we now can provide the educational material to all children”.