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On Thursday, November 7, Sant’Anna School welcomes inaugural cohort of students to the 5th Masters in Italian Wine and Global Markets in partnership with 4 Tuscany Universities and the Italian Sommelier Association

Publication date: 19.10.2019
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The official opening of the 5th Master’s program in “Italian Wine and Global Markets” will take place in Pisa Sant’Anna School aula magna storica on Thursday, November 7 at 3.00 pm. Through the combined expertise of four universities in Tuscany (Sant’Anna School, University of PisaUniversità per Stranieri of Siena and more recently, the University of Siena), this program promotes collaboration with the Italian Sommelier Association for the regional communities they serve and interdisciplinary training for national and international students with a focus on the Italian wine industry.

Students are required to complete the three core modules of the program as well as additional Sommelier certification training. These requirements comprise 400-hour classroom training and additional 450-hour internship. “This master’s degree program is designed to improve students’ fundamental understanding of the wine market. It provides participants with a solid basis in knowledge for wine companies and makers in Italy – said the master’s coordinator Pietro Tonutti. Our course boasts graduates from 2015 (when the course was first launched) employment rate of 85.7% verified by the AlmaLaurea Consortium”.

Participants in the inauguration ceremony of November 7 will include Professor Pietro Tonutti, Donatella Cinelli Colombini from the “Casato Prime Donne” estate and Alessandro Cellai from the “Castellare di Castellina”. Eligible graduates from the 4th Master’s program will receive their degree certificates at the inauguration ceremony.

Click here for the Inauguration Ceremony schedule.

Photo Archive: Sant’Anna School “Italian Wine and Global Market” Master’s students attending a seminar event.