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Next-generation Cyber-Physical Systems: Software Technologies, Artificial Intelligence, and Design Methodologies


Due to the travel restrictions still in place in some countries in relation to the health emergency, Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies decided to offer the course NEXT-GENERATION CYBER-PHYSICAL SYSTEMS exclusively online. Admitted candidates will be contacted starting from August 30 with updated information regarding the reduced tuition fees for an online course and more details regarding the teaching activities.

Deadline for Registration - EXTENDED

August 29th, 2021


Alessandro Biondi


September 13th -17th, 2021

Learning Objectives

The Seasonal School will provide participants with competencies required to face the design, the analysis, and the realization of cyber-physical systems (CPS) that are safe, secure, and predictable from a timing perspective. Particular attention will be devoted to CPS that make use of Artificial Intelligence algorithms, which are more exposed to safety and security threats. The courses offered by the Seasonal School will cover real-time computing, the design of embedded systems, machine learning, cyber-security, operating systems and hypervisors, and edge computing with hardware acceleration. Transversal skills will also be provided by means of courses on innovation management, management of intellectual property, and civil liability. 

Teaching Methodologies

Lectures will be provided in the form of both interactive frontal teaching and practical demonstrations that illustrate the application of the techniques and methodologies addressed during the Seasonal School. Industry experts will also provide lectures.

Who should attend this Seasonal School?

Undergraduate, postgraduate and PhD students with a background on Computer Engineering, Computer Science, Electronic Engineering, Automation/Robotic Engineering, Physics, and Mathematics.

Coordinator and key teaching staff

The Seasonal School is coordinated by Dr. Alessandro Biondi.
The key teaching staff includes Prof. Giorgio Buttazzo, Prof. Marco Di Natale, Prof. Tommaso Cucinotta, Prof. Luca Abeni, and Dr. Alessandro Biondi.

The Seasonal School is sponsored by EMSIG (