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THE - Tuscany Health Ecosystem

The only ecosystem dedicated to Life Sciences, which focuses on the needs of the population
Laurea Magistrale in Bionics Engineering

"THE - Tuscany Health Ecosystem" is one of the 11 innovation ecosystems financed at the national level for the PNRR and is the result of a project proposal submitted by the University of Florence, as lead partner, in line with one of the strategic lines of the Region of Tuscany. THE is the only ecosystem dedicated to Life Sciences, which focuses on the needs of the population. The project has received funding totalling EUR 110 million from the Ministry of University and Research.

THE's challenge is to make Tuscany the 'health region' by pushing research towards applications and companies to grow technologies dedicated to health and wellbeing. The ecosystem will devote part of the funding to providing funds for applied research to companies and spin-offs on the basis of special public calls for tenders, as well as to the temporary hiring of about 300 new young researchers.


Università degli studi di Firenze - UNIFI



“Tuscany Health Ecosystem Società Consortile a Responsabilità Limitata”



  • SPOKE 3 (Affiliato-UNIFI) Advanced technologies, methods, materials and heath analytics - SSSA Principal Investigator: prof. Francesco Greco
  • SPOKE 8 (Affiliato-SNS) Biotechnologies and imaging in neuroscience - SSSA Principal Investigator: prof. Silvestro Micera
  • SPOKE 9 (Affiliato-UNIPI) Robotics and Automation for Health - SSSA Principal Investigator: prof. Antonio Frisoli
  • SPOKE 10 (Leader-SSSA) Population health - SSSA Principal Investigator: prof.ssa Sabina Nuti


Institutes/Research Centers involved

  • The BioRobotics Institute
  • DirPolis Institute
  • Institute of Economics
  • Institute of Mechanical Intelligence
  • Institute of Management
  • TeCIP Institute
  • Health Science interdisciplinary research center



36 months (from 1 December 2022)


Budget SSSA