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RUS - Network of universities for sustainable development

The Sant'Anna School of Advanced Studies joins the RUS Network of universities for sustainable development, promoted by the CRUI as the first experience of coordination and sharing between all the Italian universities involved in the issues of environmental sustainability and social responsibility

RUS Rete delle Università per lo Sviluppo Sostenibile

The main purpose of the RUS Network is the dissemination of culture and good practices of sustainability, both inside and outside the universities (at urban, regional, national, international level), in order to increase positive impacts in environmental terms, ethical, social and economic aspects of the actions implemented by the members of the Network, so as to contribute to the achievement of the SDGs, and in order to strengthen the recognisability and value of the Italian experience at an international level.

RUS is playing a critical role in moving higher education towards a sustainable future. Its mission to promote sustainability in university education, research and practices is essential to addressing the environmental and social challenges of our time.

With its ongoing commitment, RUS is preparing today's students to become tomorrow's sustainable leaders, delivering a better future for our planet.

Below you will find all the initiatives organized by the RUS network involving the Sant'Anna School.