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BRI - Biodiversity and Business: from Research to Impact


Deadline for registration 

December 1st, 2024


January 27th-31th, 2025

Learning objectives

The protection of biodiversity presents a worldwide challenge, with the EU striving to take the lead in addressing its decline through its 2030 Biodiversity Strategy. Businesses are pivotal in crafting a framework that preserves and restores biodiversity along with the ecosystem services it offers. The Seasonal School is committed to addressing the global imperative of biodiversity conservation and advocating for a regenerative economic development approach.

The objectives of the Seasonal School are as follows: (1) examine and promote a development model capable of protecting and regenerating biodiversity and the services that ecosystems provide, from a perspective of regenerative economic development; (2) provide participants with stimuli and tools to understand and measure the impact of business on biodiversity, evaluate risks and opportunities; and (3) foster technological and organizational innovation, encouraging the development of new technological and organizational solutions that foster a regenerative economy that protects natural capital. The Seasonal School is affiliated with the National Biodiversity Future Center (NBFC), an Italian project funded by the European Union's NextGenerationEU initiative.

Teaching methodologies

The Seasonal School includes lessons with active participation from students, case studies discussion, laboratory activity in-person testimonies from entrepreneurs, managers and experts in the field of biodiversity, company visits to parks/organizations that contribute to biodiversity protection, and guided group work aimed at promoting discussion among students from different disciplines on the contents learned during the Seasonal School.

Target participants

Undergraduate, postgraduate and PhD students from different backgrounds (e.g. management, biology, law, political science, life sciences and engineering) who are interested in acquiring knowledge, skills, and experiences in the broad field of biodiversity and business.