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PhD in Gender Studies

The course aims to train highly qualified experts in the field of Gender and Intersectional Studies, capable of interdisciplinary analysis of power dynamics based on gender, sex, ethnicity, social class, disability, religion, age, nationality that condition processes of social identity formation
Gender Studies

The PhD in Gender Studies promotes research on the ways in which power relations, based on multiple and overlapping forms of domination, produce discrimination and generate conflict and violence. During the three-year course, educational goals will cover multiple disciplinary areas: historical-anthropological, political, pedagogical-sociological, historical-philosophical and juridical. The interdisciplinary program of the PhD is designed to enable students to produce original research that can make a significant contribution to the field of Gender Studies, both from the theoretical point of view of conceptual elaboration and from the practical point of view of applied outcomes.

The experts trained by the PhD in Gender Studies will be able to operate both within university research and within Public Administrations and companies as profiles of excellence capable of elaborating diversity management models and implementing inclusion practices. Thanks to the innovative training course, the partnership between universities responds to the need to build a relationship between the knowledge produced by university research and the training requirements of the territoriesinstitutions and companies on which the associated universities insist.

More information about the PhD in Gender Studies and the selection process can be found at the following links:

Universities involved in the PhD

  • Università di Bari A. Moro
  • Università di Macerata
  • Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna