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Human-Robot Interaction

Development of robot able to cooperate in safe and intuitive way with humans in medical and industrial fields
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Human Robot Interaction ( deals with the study of new theories, models and advanced systems of human-machine interaction, and in particular robotic systems capable of cooperating with humans in a safe and intuitive way (physical human-robot interaction and collaborative robots) and multimodal interfaces (haptic interfaces), with applications in the medical and industrial fields. The group has a consolidated experience in the design and control of robots, with particular reference to exoskeletons and wearable robots, robotic telepresence and robotic rehabilitation, AI enabled robotics, wearable devices and haptic interfaces, collaborative robots and robotic systems for inspection and maintenance, advanced control of electromechanical / mechatronic devices A new line of research projects in the industrial sector develops mobile robots for inspection in the railway sector and for the disinfection of environments. For more information, see on the webpage