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Space Technologies

Research and development on propulsion and innovative space systems

Space Technologies IIM

The research activities of the group, established in 2023, have the main objective of developing technologies for aerospace applications, with a particular focus on innovative propulsion systems. Among the distinctive activities of the group, which have led to the award of the ERC BREATHE Grant, are those related to air-breathing electric propulsion and the development of space missions in very low Earth orbit. The group is also involved in the design and construction of nano satellite platforms, with the aim of demonstrating new space technologies and conducting research in orbit.

The research activities of the group encompass a wide range of areas, including propulsion, system design, rarefied gas dynamics, plasma physics, fluid dynamics, and mission analysis. The construction of a vacuum facility for simulating the space environment is currently underway and will, in collaboration with other areas of the institute, enable the pursuit of activities in the field of robotics for space applications, applied mechanics, diagnostic systems, and sensing. Building on the experience gained in the aerospace field, a second objective of the group is the development of plasma technologies for industrial and research applications. The group is currently comprised of one professor and two research fellows.