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BTR Simulators, a Sant'Anna School spin-off company specializing in training personnel in safe environments through technology, has been selected by the Faros accelerator to revolutionize simulation in the Blue Economy

L'azienda spinoff punta diventare un riferimento nel suo settore, grazie a tecnologie robotiche e sistemi di realtà virtuale

Publication date: 13.03.2024
BTR, azienda spinoff della Scuola Sant'Anna
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BTR Simulators, a spin-off company of the Sant'Anna School, has been selected to participate in the second edition of the acceleration program promoted by Faros, an accelerator for startups operating in the Blue Economy (a model of economy dedicated to the creation of a sustainable economic system through technological innovation) created at the initiative of the Venture Capital Cassa Depositi e Prestiti.

BTR Simulators specializes in the design and the development of simulatorsrobotic technologies and virtual reality systems that enable companies to train personnel in a completely safe and risk-free environment. BTR Simulators aims to become a benchmark in the field of simulation and offer innovative solutions that will contribute to progress and safety in the various industries in which it operates.

"We are very happy to have been selected by Faros for this acceleration program, which has allowed us to continue our work in developing innovative technologies to be used in the logistics of the port and steel sectors," explains Massimo Satler, CEO of BTR Simulators. "The program included the development of two simulators for Acciaierie d'Italia and the Taranto Port Authority, which are essential for personnel training and cargo handling.