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Climate and environmental migration: the Dirpolis Institute of the Sant'Anna School among the partners of the project "Climate Routes. Climate crisis and migration: rights in action"

Publication date: 10.02.2023
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Scheduled for Tuesday, February 14th, the presentation "Climate Routes. Climate crisis and migration: rights in action", Italy's first research and advocacy project on environmental and climate migration, which counts the Sant'Anna School among its partners. The launch event will feature Francesca Biondi Dal Monte, professor of Constitutional Law at the Dirpolis (Law, Politics, Development) Institute and coordinator of the research team that will work on the project, as a speaker.


The project

"Climate Routes. Climate Crisis and Migration: rights in action", coordinated by the Systasis Study Center and funded by Fondazione Cariplo, studies environmental migration from a multidisciplinary perspective in order to identify appropriate means of protection for those fleeing slow and rapid onset disasters, environmental degradation and other climatic factors. The project aims for a wider comprehension of the nature and complexity of the phenomenon through direct involvement of migrant people, legal research and data collection activities. These tools are essential to stimulate reflection, legal as much as political, on the need to recognize and protect those fleeing environmental causes.


The activities of the Sant'Anna School

The topic of environmental migration has long been at the center of the activities of the Sant'Anna School: in particular of the DREAM (Documentation, Research and Analysis on Migration) research area, within which the Environmental Migration Hub was established, whose objectives are to promote in-depth studies, publications and events to promote a greater awareness, at the legal and normative level, of the phenomenon. As part of the project, the research team at the Sant'Anna School is responsible for organizing two training modules aimed at providing in-depth knowledge on the environmental causes of migration, the protection tools available at the international, European and national levels, and the use of Country of Origin Information (COI) to identify these causes. Target audiences for the modules include members of Territorial Commissions, judges, lawyers, and reception center workers. In addition, the research team aims to analyze case law relevant to the analysis of environmental causes of migration in order to help build targeted and innovative strategies for action.