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Me.Mo. 2023: starting the Sant'Anna School's social mobility project, which accompanies 360 students each year in their university choice

The opening of the event, in online mode, is set for Thursday, February 23, and will feature the participation of writer Paola Mastrocola

Publication date: 17.02.2023
Progetto ME.MO
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Ready to kick off the 2023 edition of the Me.Mo. (Merit and Social Mobility) project of the Sant'Anna School. The opening event is scheduled for Thursday, February 23, from 4:30 p.m., in online mode, and is titled "To all those who love islands or who are, themselves, an island", taking up the incipit of the book "A Boat in the Woods" by Paola Mastrocola, host of the initiative. The author speaks to talk about her choices and experiences, encouraging students to think about their futures without schemes and strictures, to, quoting one of her phrases, "subvert all the unbearable clichés".

Welcoming speeches by Nicola Vitiello, professor of Industrial Bioengineering at the Sant'Anna School and delegate on merit and social mobility, a talk by Sara Barsanti, project coordinator, and a presentation by the tutors are planned.