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The Sant'Anna School students of the Law department visiting the Institutions of the Italian Republic in Rome for the conclusion of the Introduction to Constitutional Law course

Publication date: 16.05.2023
Roma 1
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First-year students of the Law department of the Sant'Anna School of Advanced Studies recently participated in a training visit to the Institutions of the Italian Republic, accompanied by Luca Gori, researcher of Public Law at the Sant'Anna School.

The initiative included meetings at the Presidency of the Republic, the Chamber of Deputies, the Senate of the Republic, the Department for Relations with Parliament and the Department for Regional Affairs of the Presidency of the Council. The visit was the concluding event of the annual in-house course on introduction to constitutional law.

The occasion is an event that is renewed year after year and aims to bring the students into contact with the practice of institutions and those who work within them on a daily basis.